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Bar Soap and Body Butter Gift Set - Black Licorice

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Pamper yourself with this bar soap and body butter gift set. The set includes one full-size handmade artisan Bar Soap and one 4 oz. Body Butter in ultra-stylish muslin silk screened bag.

Sweet and smoky Star Anise, the essence of Licorice, pairs perfectly with fragrant Vanilla. Anise, a moon herb, can mask the human scent and is perfect for hunters or fishermen. Ancient folklore rumors it to bring luck, enhance the dream state and clairvoyance.

Mexican vanilla, cultivated by the Totonacs in the early 1400s, was a sacred herb used in ritual offerings and local remedies. These two aromatic & ancient herbs when blended with marshmallow, lemon balm and gourmet oils and butters naturally support skin health while cleansing both face and body. Made of beneficial plant oils and butters, this bar soap nurtures and hydrates with naturally retained glycerin.

  • 4.75 oz. Bar Soap
  • 4 oz. Body Butter
  • Silk Screened Muslin Gift Bag
  • Made in United States of America