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Candy Land Vintage Bookshelf Edition

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The designs of these Vintage Bookshelf Editions were inspired by the vintage graphics of classic editions.

This vintage bookshelf edition is a “sweet” way for parents and children to enjoy CANDY LAND, a child’s first game. The adventure takes you on a wonderful journey, traveling past the Crooked Old Peanut Brittle House, and Lollypop Woods until you eventually reach Home Sweet Home… As this magical experience unfolds, your child is learning colors without reading or counting.

This collectible edition features the charming graphics from the 1978 edition as well as the iconic gingerbread playing pieces, all packed in a stylish fabric-wrapped book that looks absolutely beautiful on display on your bookshelf!

  • Full-sized vintage gameboard with graphics adopted from the 1978 edition
  • Deck of vintage cards
  • 4 “Frosted” plastic Gingerbread Men playing pieces
  • Instructions

Vintage Bookshelf Cases measures 10.59" x 8.33 x 2.52" and weighs 2.5 pounds with all game components stored inside.

Appropriate for 2 to 4 players. Age 3 and Up. Officially Licensed by Hasbro.