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Wisdom Notes - Dwight Schrute

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Dwight Schrute is one of The Office’s more eccentric and absurd characters, and we love him for it! From his silly quips and assertions to his moments of inspiring bullheadedness, Dwight never fails to provide us with memorable lines of dialogue.

This unique gift features bite-sized notecards with quotes from and images of the infamous Dwight K. Schrute. These quote notebooks have perforated edges on each page, which allows you to remove your favorites to use as you like. What’s more, each quote features a blank space on the back side so you can share your own notes or messages. This quote notebook features 20 removable quote pages. 

Product Specifics: 

  • Size: 4.5 x 2.125"
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • This product is printed and manufactured in the U.S.A.