The 3D Art Coloring Guide Book

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Have fun creating colorful optical illusion drawings with The Awesome 3-D Art Coloring Guide! Try your hand at 3-D coloring with one of the 20 dynamic images included, such as:

  • A snowboarder catching air on the slopes

  • Colorful birds and butterflies soaring across the sky

  • A secret underground staircase full of mystery

Discover special coloring tips and tricks to make flat illustrations appear as if they’re about to jump right off the page! You’ll learn how coloring techniques like blending, shading, blurring, outlining, and erasing can be used to capture shape and texture and create shadow within an illustration. 

Each drawing is accompanied by step-by-step instructions and special tips and tricks tailored to the specific image. You’ll also find finishing techniques for maximizing the impact of the illusion, such as how to cut out and display your artwork and which angles are best for photographing your work to capture the full effect.

The Awesome 3-D Art Coloring Guide is perfect for both coloring book enthusiasts looking for fresh inspiration and budding artists alike.

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