Tumaco, Colombia 100% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar

Tumaco, Colombia 100% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar

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Potomac’s first-ever 100% bar! Made from 100% cacao and nothing else–no added sugar or cocoa butter–this bar is not messing around. It’s intense and flavorful, with notes of nuts, cream, and floral notes with a hint of green tobacco.

I source the cacao for this chocolate through Uncommon Cacao, a great company who works directly with cacao producers (farmers, co-ops, fermentaries, etc.) to ethically import cacao into the U.S. For this cacao, Uncommon partnered with Cacao de Columbia who had existing relationships with the local cacao producers. Uncommon has a great page on the Tumaco cacao here. I definitely encourage you to go read the whole thing, but I wanted to highlight these paragraphs that show how ethical cacao sourcing and production can benefit the local people in cacao-producing areas. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! –Ben, Chocolate Maker, Potomac Chocolate

  • Ingredients: organic cacao
  • Weight: 2.12 oz (60g)
  • Soy, dairy, nut, and gluten free. VEGAN

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