5 Tips to Writing a Great Card

Maybe you're not a big card writer. You sign a quick signature in a birthday or anniversary card, slap a stamp on it, and send it on it's merry way. But what about those other times? How do you know what to write to encourage or inspire your friends and loved ones?

Here are some tips on how to write a great card, when you aren't sure what to say:

1. Be Authentic

Basically, be you. If you're a short and to the point person, your card writing can match that. If you're funny or snarky, embrace that. People want to see your personality come out of a card. Cards are all about connecting with another person, so the writing should be authentic and represent your personality and relationship with the recipient.

2. Anytime is the Right Time

You don't have to wait for a specific occasion to send a card. That's why "thinking of you" cards exist! There's never a bad time to check in with someone.

Think about sympathy cards. A friend loses a loved one and is flooded with sympathy cards within the first week or two after the loss. But what about four weeks later? Or eight? The pain of loss hasn't gone away. That can be a great time to check in with a "hey, you were on my mind - I hope you're hanging in there" kind of card.

3. Know Your Audience

If the receiver of your card a short-and-sweet kind of person? Or do they love deep discussions and long phone calls? Your card should reflect their personality just as much as it reflects yours. This means how much you write is just as important as what you write. You don't want to overwhelm them with a novella.

4. Include Something Special

Want to send something more than a card, but aren't ready to commit to a full blown gift in package? There are tons of great ways to include a little something extra in your card:

  • Photograph of your kid, a memory photo of you and the receiver, something that is meaningful to the receiver.
  • Slip in a vinyl sticker. They're easy to come by and not that expensive, and being small and flat they're easy to add to any card.
  • A bookmark is another flat and small item that can be slipped into a card. Great for book lovers!
  • Don't want to include an item? Put a sticker or piece of washi tape on the back flap. Decorate the envelope. Make it fun so that your recipient makes that "oooohhh" sound when they see your card.

5. Stay Organized

If you are just rocking the card sending to the point where you can't remember if you'd already sent that adorably funny card to a friend or not... it's time to keep track! This can be as simple as writing down the card name, date, and friend to whom you sent it. Want to level up on that organization? Add the place you purchased the card so you can remember where to get more.

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