Stamp Prices Increase January 2019

We just adore lovely stamps. They can be a sweet compliment to a gorgeous stationery set and set the tone of your invitation or card before the recipient even opens the envelope. With that in mind, make sure you get the stamps you love at a great price, before they increase on Sunday, January 27, 2019!

Here's the skinny on the increases:

  • First Class 1 oz. stamps are increasing from $0.50 to $0.55. This effects your everyday mail - bills, birthday cards, etc.
Here is what is decreasing in cost:
  • First Class 2 oz. stamps will actually DECREASE from $0.71 to $0.70. This is good news for most wedding invitations, square envelopes, and bulkier letter mail.
  • Additional ounces in letters decrease from $0.21 per ounce to $0.15 per ounce.
And here is what is staying the same:
  • Postcard stamps - $0.35
  • Flat/Large Envelope 1 oz. - $1.00
  • International 1 oz. and postcard stamps - $1.15

You can read all the details on the USPS site.

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