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Spice Spice Baby Chocolate Bar

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Ingredients: organic cacao, organic cane sugar, organic cinnamon, sea salt, organic aleppo chili pepper

Weight: 60g (2.12oz)


"I love spiced drinking chocolate, so a while back, I started making one using my award-winning Duarte, Dominican Republic 70% dark chocolate spiced with cinnamon, sea salt, and aleppo chili pepper (which is seasonally available during the colder months). It’s easily my favorite of my drinking chocolates. While making it, I would occasionally enjoy some of the the pulverized bits of chocolate and spice–one of the true perks of being a chocolate maker.

From those samplings, and a lot of interest from people buying the drinking chocolate, I determined to make a spiced bar. I’ve reformulated the recipe to get the perfect blend of the spices and chocolate.

When tasting this bar, I get a distinct progression of flavors starting with a deep cocoa note enhanced with a subtle saltiness. Then comes the warmth of the cinnamon, followed at the end (and into the aftertaste) with the heat of the aleppo chili pepper."

-Ben Rasmussen, Chocolate Maker