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War Bug

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War Bug (Paperback)
by Henry G. Brinton - Occoquan, VA resident

The United States is more fractured today than it has been since the Civil War. What hope do we have for the healing of our communities, shattered by a global pandemic and a toxic political environment? War Bug opens a window on the riverfront town of Occoquan, Virginia, and offers glimpses of social upheaval through chapters that alternate between the nineteenth and twenty-first centuries. In 1862, Quaker resident Ann Bagley fears that her sons will abandon their pacifism and join the newly established Confederate army. Troops march through the town and shots are fired, enflaming secessionists and Unionists alike. Many pledge their support to the South and send their sons to fight, while others favor the North and take stands as abolitionists. In 2022, Harley Camden, the pastor of struggling Riverside Methodist Church, fears that civil war will return to Occoquan. Facing cultural and political polarization, he tries to care for his congregation and keep the peace, even as he lends a hand in the archaeological dig of a Quaker house with a mysterious grave. But when people begin to die in acts of brutal violence, he encounters an evil that is deeper than history and more deadly than partisan strife.


"Henry Brinton's War Bug tells the compassionate story of social justice disharmony in a modern Northern Virginia community juxtaposed by its past Civil War scars. The time traveling book serves as a cautionary tale for how fear infects minds and emotions, and how it is the faithful who are the fittest to survive. War Bug is infectious and a great read!" 
--Ethan T. Burroughs, author of Messianic Reveal